Anyone around Kotaku play Guild Wars 2 on a regular basis?

I'm looking to join a guild where I could recognize some of the common comentariate from Kotaku (I suppose that could be the semi-official "SpeakUp" or "TAY" guild if such a thing exists). Granted I haven't posted much since the new commenting system kicked in, but I still read the articles and recognize a few faces when skimming through the comments.

Now I understand that you guys play other games as well so I'm not expecting a very high representation ratio, but it would be nice to party along with others whom I recognize amongst our little community here on Speak Up.


I'm currently on Jade Quarry, but I wouldn't mind transferring over. I have an Engineer, Warrior, and Mesmer all at level 80. My account name is "Ari Kagura.9182".